32. Othello by William Shakespeare (4/2/11)

Othello by William Shakespeare (4/2/11) Book for school

I’m still not sure what to think of Othello.  It’s the first of Shakespeare’s tragedies I’ve had to read cold in a long time, and well, I’m just not sure about it.  Like the other tragedies, there is the central character who declines throughout the play and, of course, most of the central characters die.  I think my frustration lies in the fact that I was not too attached to Othello as a character.  Certainly he was interesting, but I thought Iago, in his hatred and manipulative nature was much more alluring.  He’s not only brilliant, but evil, and that (regardless of what it may say about me) is way more appealing.  Either way, I think I need to reread this play several more times before I can appropriately articulate anything about it, which is the beauty of Shakespeare: it requires lots of study to figure it out.

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